FirstLight® Virtual Analyst™

On-Demand Support
If you are like most intelligence teams, your resources are stretched. There is no shortage of questions to be answered, reports to write, or executive needs to address. Managing a software platform sounds great, but you simply don’t have the extra time in your day.

A FirstLight Virtual Analyst™ is your answer.

Available as an addition to any FirstLight Edition, a FirstLight Virtual Analyst™ operates and manages your FirstLight platform on your behalf, performing all of the tasks you would expect from a member of your own team, including:


  • Establishing and maintaining the taxonomy that drives intelligence gathering
  • Curating articles and content from thousands of different sources that match your criteria
  • Providing the first line of analysis, allowing you to focus on deeper, industry or company specific implications
  • Preparing and distributing newsletters
  • Providing the first line of technical support
  • Participating on internal, intelligence department calls


FirstLight supercharges your collection capabilities by providing access to thousands of hard-to-find data sources, including industry-specific databases you choose.

FirstLight centralizes all of your data sources in one place, creating a “single source of truth” for your intelligence gathering.



Powered in part by over 65,000+ sources, FirstLight makes sense of this vast database with powerful filtration tools

We can tailor FirstLight data sources to your industry and your organization with nearly limitless data types: CRM, Market Research, Clinical Trials, and Web Page Scraping


FirstLight manages the manual tasks of synthesis for you – removing duplicates, analyzing source quality and tagging inputs – to free you up to focus on human analysis.

FirstLight supports methodologies from curation to automation depending on your needs and staff availability



Customizable dashboards offer myriad concurrent views of disparate data, allowing you to use your judgement to craft the perfect intelligence storyline for your organization, its stakeholders, and its goals

Off-the-shelf data visualizations help pull insights and trends from data – all without custom coding and time-consuming setup


FirstLight makes it easy to share tailored intelligence reports and newsletters with exactly the people in your organization who need to see them – and know how engaged they are.

Tailor reporting to groups or individuals at every level of your organization, including dashboards
and newsletters, to maximize readership and impact


FirstLight reporting helps you see (in real time) exactly who is engaging with your content, showing you where to direct your efforts and where you are having a tangible impact

FirstLight data can integrate with other business systems including CRM, corporate intranets and Chatter-like tools, allowing intelligence content to be a seamless part of the base knowledge of every organization

FirstLight Virtual Analyst Key Features
  • Intelligence analyst staff augmentation for organizations that need flexibility.
  • Cloud-based SaaS platform with a US-based Virtual Analyst™ as the primary user
  • Unlimited data streams configured for companies, markets and/or topics
  • Unlimited view-only users
  • Analyst guided taxonomy setup
  • Data source needs determined by Virtual Analyst
  • Article count managed by Virtual Analyst
  • Stakeholder dashboard
  • Workflows handled by Virtual Analyst
  • Newsletter distributions managed by Virtual Analyst
  • Usage metrics from newsletter recipients
  • Intelligence Services available
  • Quarterly or annual billing

Learn how FirstLight Virtual Analyst can help you magnify truth™ inside your organization.

Send us a confidential email to magnifytruth (at symbol) getfirstlight (dot) com and we will arrange a private call to discuss your unique situation and requirements.