FirstLight Enterprise Edition™

For those analysts committed to a full Intelligence Operating System™, FirstLight Enterprise Edition™ offers a complete bespoke intelligence backbone capable of serving any size organization.

FirstLight Team Edition™

For those analyst teams who require a single source of truth, FirstLight Team Edition™ offers a centralized intelligence platform to coordinate team activities and impacts.

FirstLight Virtual Analyst™

Available as an addition to any FirstLight Edition, a FirstLight Virtual Analyst™ operates and manages your FirstLight platform on your behalf, performing all of the tasks you would expect from a member of your own team.

FirstLight: Designed by Intelligence Professionals, For Intelligence Professionals

When you deploy FirstLight as your intelligence platform, you can count on an uncanny level of support. Why? Because we are intelligence professionals as well. When you need help exploring a topic in more depth, we stand ready and able to help.

FirstLight Overview

Click the video below for a high-level tour of Aurora WDC’s FirstLight platform. When you’re ready to learn more, simply contact us and we’ll share additional detail.

Critical Features Designed To Give You The Flexibility You Need To Meet Your Biggest Intelligence Challenges

Collection Automation

Stream virtually any secondary source into the system, including tens of thousands of feeds pre-loaded at launch.

Include "Unpublished" Information

Robust primary research capabilities allow you to create projects, manage sources, and track your progress.

Easy Tagging Tools

Have your automated feeds labeled and parsed behind the scenes without manual intervention. Use tags to retrieve and analyze later.

Rapid Distribution

Design, create, send, and monitor your customized deliverables directly from the system.

Centralized Repository

Keep all your primary information, newsfeeds, third party reports, and finished intelligence in one spot for easier analysis and retrieval.

Measure Your Results

Need unbiased feedback? Track who is opening your emails and what they’re reading for better precision on what to deliver next.
FirstLight Team Edition
FirstLight Enterprise Edition
FirstLight Virtual Analyst

Enterprise Edition™

  • Customized intelligence backbone for any sized organization.
  • Cloud-based SaaS platform with API access for business systems integration and technical integration assistance (SSO, SSL, Custom Domains, Unlimited storage, etc.)
  • Unlimited data streams configured for companies, markets and/or topics
  • Unlimited users
  • Analyst guided taxonomy setup
  • Unlimited data sources (customization may be required depending on the sources)
  • Unlimited articles per month
  • Unlimited analyst dashboards and stakeholder dashboards
  • Customized workflows and process consulting
  • Unlimited newsletter distributions per month
  • Full usage metrics and ROI measurements
  • In-platform Knowledge Base
  • Email support
  • Telephone support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Virtual Analyst™ available
  • Intelligence services available (available through Aurora GPS)
  • Quarterly or annual billing

Virtual Analyst™

  • Intelligence analyst staff augmentation for organizations that need flexibility.
  • Cloud-based SaaS platform with a US-based Virtual Analyst™ as the primary user
  • Unlimited data streams configured for companies, markets and/or topics
  • Unlimited view-only users
  • Analyst guided taxonomy setup
  • Data source needs determined by Virtual Analyst
  • Article count managed by Virtual Analyst
  • Stakeholder dashboard
  • Workflows handled by Virtual Analyst
  • Newsletter distributions managed by Virtual Analyst
  • Usage metrics from newsletter recipients
  • Intelligence services available (available through Aurora GPS)
  • Quarterly or annual billing

Not sure which FirstLight Edition is right for your organization?

Technical Capabilities & Features



Incoming Data Filtration
FirstLight actively reduces the noise in your data stream by filtering spam, duplicate content, and other unwanted content so that it does not skew your analysis or cause confusion.
Big Data Aggregation
FirstLight can collect and aggregate very large datasets – well outside the range of standard office processing software – to give you a better idea of the entire universe of information available.
Natural Language Processing
FirstLight will help process language unique to your industry and your specific area of intelligence interest.
Taxonomy Centric Systems
Effective taxonomy is at the core of your FirstLight system, carefully including and excluding search terms that refine and improve your data stream.


Machine Learning
As you operate your FirstLight intelligence system, every action is tracked and stored for later use. This data will be harnessed in future releases of FirstLight to improve your incoming data streams and simplify your analysis.
Outsourced Intelligence Support
We can provide Virtual Analyst™ support as well as answers to deeper research questions through Aurora GPS.
Automated Curation & Workflows
We will work with you to tune your FirstLight system to streamline the effort it takes to sift through data streams and process large amounts of information more efficiently.
Process Automation
FirstLight takes a broad view to process automation, helping you minimize human intervention in low-value tasks so that your team can focus on human-critical analysis and interpretation.


Stakeholder & Analyst Dashboards
FirstLight recognizes that different consumers of intelligence have different needs, providing useful dashboards for analysts and easy-to-digest dashboards for executives and other stakeholders.
Newsletter Creation
Instead of relying solely on stakeholders logging in (which they may not do reliably), FirstLight automates the creation of effective email newsletters, pushing relevant and timely content to exactly who needs it, when they need it.
ROI & Performance Metrics
FirstLight helps you quantify the impact of intelligence on the organization by tracking engagement of your work product from your internal customers, allowing you to adjust and adapt as circumstances evolve.
Intelligence Backbone & Storefront
FirstLight Enterprise Edition is designed to serve as the nerve center for all of your intelligence activities, exactly tailored to the unique needs of your organization.
Business Systems Integration
Through a series of APIs and integrations, FirstLight can connect with other business systems – including ERP and CRM systems.

FirstLight stands ready to help your team magnify truth™ inside your organization.

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