About FirstLight®

Cloud-Based Intelligence Management Software

FirstLight is the SaaS platform of choice for intelligence leaders and analysts. It gathers information from thousands of public and private sources, synthesizes them into a coherent picture, and delivers those insights into the hands of your stakeholders.

For those analysts committed to a full Intelligence Operating System™, FirstLight Enterprise Edition™ offers a complete bespoke intelligence backbone capable of serving any size organization.

For those analyst teams who require a single source of truth, FirstLight Team Edition™ offers a centralized intelligence platform to coordinate team activities and impacts.

For organizations with intelligences needs but without the staff resources to address then, FirstLight Virtual Analyst™ offers a qualified intelligence analyst to augment your team and operate your FirstLight platform on a day-to-day basis.

When insights require deeper analysis, FirstLight subscribers can leverage the global intelligence consulting expertise of Aurora GPS.

Industry Practices: Expertise + Experience

Information, Communications & Technology

Mobile Devices, Social Networks & Cloud Computing; Media, Publishing & Entertainment; Software & Web Services; Semiconductors & Computers; Voice & Data Telecommunications, Wireless & Networking; IT Services & E-Commerce

Healthcare, Medicine & Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech; Medical Devices & Implants; Diagnostics & Imaging; Medical & Health Providers

Financial, Professional & Consulting Services

Banking, Real Estate & Investment Services; Insurance & Risk Management; Legal & Tax Products & Services; Advertising & Marketing; Management Consulting; Engineering & Design Services; Education

Consumer, Manufacturing & Retail

Fast-Moving Consumer & Packaged Goods; Hospitality, Hotel & Dining; Appliances, Furniture & Housewares; Clothing & Apparel; Food, Beverage & Alcohol

Travel, Transportation & Logistics

Airlines & Aircraft; Defense, Space & Military; Automobiles & Other Passenger Vehicles; Shipping, Cargo & Delivery Services

Energy, Materials & Commodities

Chemicals; Petroleum, Natural Gas & Coal; Wind, Solar and Hydro Electricity; Materials & Polymers; Metals & Mining; Agriculture & Other Natural Resources

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