FirstLight is the marketing intelligence portal tailored to how your organization aggregates, analyzes, manages and distributes strategic, competitive and market insights.


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FirstLight can be directed to parse through both external and internal sources, such as blogs, news and social media, Salesforce and SAP CRM.


Raw collected information is delivered to the analyst team for processing and preparation for distribution.


Fully processed intelligence is distributed to tailored dashboards ready to be repackaged for other deliverables like newsletters.

Core Features for the Analyst Team

Designed to streamline and simplify the market intelligence tasking, collection, analysts and distribution processes, FirstLight makes your Analyst Team more productive and their insights more actionable.

Collection Automation

Stream virtually any secondary source into the system, including tens of thousands of feeds pre-loaded at launch.

Centralize Repository

Keep all your primary information, newsfeeds, third party reports, and finished intelligence in one spot for easier analysis and retrieval.

Rapid Distribution

Design, create, send and monitor your customized deliverables directly from the system.

Easy Tagging Tools

Have your automated feeds labeled and parsed behind the scenes without manual intervention. Use tags to retrieve and analyze later.

Unpublished Info

Robust primary research capabilities allow you to create projects, manage sources, and track your progress.

Measure Your Results

Need unbiased feedback? Track who is opening your emails and what they’re reading for better precision on what to deliver next.

Actionable Benefits for the Intelligence Customer

Consumers and clients of the market intelligence process become the real heroes when insights are transformed into action.

Intel Store Front

Use the default dashboards or tailor them to your own needs and layout control to arrange exactly which intelligence you need to for the task at hand.

Branded Alerts

Each user can choose which information and alerts they want pushed to them on their own schedule for collaboration whenever or wherever they prefer.

Go Mobile

Expand and deepen your reach to intelligence consumers by integrating with their mobile devices to provide instant, 24×7 access and two-way collaboration.

FirstLight serves a diverse array of clients in every industry and in many regions around the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech; Medical Devices & Implants; Diagnostics & Imaging; Medical & Health Providers; Health Insurance

Energy, Materials & Commodities

Chemicals; Petroleum, Natural Gas & Coal; Wind, Solar and Hydro Electricity; Materials & Polymers; Metals & Mining; Agriculture & Other Natural Resources

Financial & Professional Services

Banking, Real Estate & Investment Services; Insurance & Risk Management; Legal & Tax Products & Services; Advertising & Marketing; Management Consulting; Engineering & Design Services; Education

Consumer, Retail & Manufacturing

Fast-Moving Consumer & Packaged Goods; Hospitality, Hotel & Dining; Appliances, Furniture & Housewares; Clothing & Apparel; Food, Beverage & Alcohol

Travel, Transportation & Logistics

Airlines & Aircraft; Defense, Space & Military; Locomotives; Automobiles & Passenger Vehicles; Shipping, Cargo & Delivery Services

Information, Communications & Technology

Mobile Devices, Social Networks & Cloud Computing; Media, Publishing & Entertainment; Software & Web Services; Semiconductors & Computers; Voice & Data Telecom, Wireless & Networking; IT Services & E-Commerce

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