Aggregate, analyze and disseminate competitive and market intelligence.

Stream virtually any content into numerous dashboards. Create and share your intelligence with all your clients.
No matter if you have 3 business lines or 30, you can be sure your clients see only the information they want to see.

Power users can create their own dashboards, or administrators can create dashboards on their behalf
An assortment of various widgets makes sure that you’re able to stream any sort of content to your clientele.

No longer worry about assigning a limited amount of seats. One price covers access for everyone.
Append your analysis to items so your clients know why it matters to them.

Processing intelligence information has never been easier.

Goodness In, Goodness Out.

Aurora’s FirstLight Intelligence System will grow and evolve with your intelligence function. Through human and technological endeavors, the system lives and breathes, from basic alerting to completely custom workflows.


FirstLight parses through both external and internal sources, such as blogs, social media, Salesforce, and SAP CRM.


Data that’s collected gets sent through the backend newsroom and workflow queues to make sure it’s ready for you and your clients.


Scrubbed data gets sent to your dashboard and displayed for you and your clients to evaluate.

Core Features for the Analyst

Stream virtually any secondary source into the system, including tens of thousands of feeds pre-loaded at launch.

Have your automated feeds labeled and parsed behind the scenes without manual intervention. Use tags for powerful retrieval and analysis later.

Robust primary research capabilities allow you to create projects, manage sources, and track your progress.

Keep all your primary information, newsfeeds, third party reports, and finished intelligence in one spot for easier analysis.

Create and send your customized deliverables directly from the system.

Need unbiased feedback? Silently track who is opening your emails and what they’re reading for better precision on what to deliver next.

Core Features for the Intel Customer

Use the default dashboards or tailor them to your own needs to see exactly what it is you want.
Expand your reach with the ultimate intelligence dissemination channel. All views are optimized for mobile devices.
Choose what information and alerts you want pushed, when you want them pushed.

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